International Motion Time Measurement Development (IMD)
Ethical Work Design (EWD)

IMD-EWD: The corporation name

MTM-EWD: The global philosophy. The general equation is MTM-EWD = MTM x Allowances

MTM: Technics to define the standard time

EWD: Facts to add allowances depending on type of work or working organisation. It can be rough (just a fixed percentage)
or a complex formula (including learning curve and so on)

The Purposes for which this organisation is formed are:

  • To develope, maintain and enforce high standards of Time Measurement (PTS), Ethical Work Design and Time Measurement with Stopwatch with Pace Rating.
  • To encourage and coordinate at the International level the research activities of the National MTM Associations.
  • To maintain uniformity in Time Measurement application practice, including establishment of minimum requirements for training in IMD-EWD official systems, examination procedures and specification of the use of official standards and symbols.
  • To spread the healthy usage of all PTS and other Time Measurement tools by suitable publishing the value of procedures, by giving encouragement to the formation of National MTM associations and by rendering assistance to them as needed.
  • To promote the wide spread usage of PTS by assuring that in each country, several sources by official qualifications, are admitted to do PTS and all other training and application work.
  • To promote close cooperation among all interested in PTS and Ethical Work Design research, training and application, including universities, MTM practitioners and those from professional disciplines.